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Short Sayings

By Michael Roth

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My current two favorite ideas for a blog name are “Prime 137” and “By Induction”.

One of my secondary dreams is to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in one season.

My car had a geographic proximity issue.

Time is just an arbitrary abstraction used to quantify the dynamic nature of our perceptions.

There was an unfortunate confluence of detrimental factors…

Predicting preposterously pensive ponderings

Oh, yay… Someone broke my window.
Maybe I will get a “frequent filers” discount on my next police report.

Our conversation was 37 minutes and 37 seconds long. :D


Life is inherently insecure. Nothing can be done about that.

I would describe myself as enigmatically esoteric. Mostly due to its alliterative allusion to elusive facets of my personality that may or may not be readily apparent when interacting with me. I enjoy interesting experiences, and even if they are relatively negative, I still find my reactions to them rather fascinating. I find that almost everything can be made into a joke. I enjoy observing people, including myself, although I cannot honestly claim to understand such things. There is little that I find as fulfilling as a really good conversation; the specific topic is of little importance.

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