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From Interstate 5 (Between Portland, OR and Seattle, WA) take Exit 77 West toward Pe Ell.

Drive West on Hwy 6 for 2 miles. Turn right on Chilvers Road.

Turn left immediately on Stearns Road

Drive .3 miles up the hill and turn right into the 3rd entrance at the historic Claquato cemetery.

Drive up the hill and find a room-sized brick building in the interior of the cemetery near the top of the hill. If you entered at the 3rd entrance, the building will be on your right. Park on the grass near this building. Over the door of the building it says "Millet" and "I am the resurrection and the Life" is to the left of the door.

Stand at the entrance to the Millett mausoleum, facing away from the cemetery entrance. There will be 2 tall evergreen tress in front of you (one left and one right) around 75' away.

Michael's grave is about 20' to the right of the left tree. Please note that the water faucet that shows up in the picture has been removed.

picture of Michael picture of Michael
3rd entrance to Claquato cemetery in Chehalis, WA       Brick mausoleum - top of the hill

picture of Michael picture of Michael

picture of Michael

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